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Welcome to the homepage of the Medizinische Klinik II (Department of Cardiology and Intensive Care Medicine) in St. Vincenz-Krankenhaus.

With the exception of university hospitals, the clinic, which currently has 110 beds, is one of the largest cardiology departments in NRW (North-Rhine-Westphalia). Since his appointment as Chief Consultant of the Medizinische Klinik II in 2010, Prof. Dr Andreas Götte has restructured his department into a centre for most seriously ill cardiac patients.
The world-renowned specialist and his team, which comprises of 30 doctors and 11 specialists, have many years of experience in the fields of cardiology and intensive care medicine and they annually care for 7.700 patients. The highly-motivated team works towards the wellbeing of the patients according to the motto “cardiology is a matter of the heart.”

The ablation of atrial fibrillation (pulmonary vein isolation) is a particular focus in Prof. Dr Andreas Goette‘s clinic and is now an established routine procedure. In Germany alone, two million people suffer from „atrial fibrillation“. Due to atrial fibrillation, the atria are no longer equally supplied with blood. Consequently, clots form, which travel to the brain and block the small vessels there. For many patients with atrial fibrillation, there is a high probability that they will suffer a stroke - for this reason, the treatment of atrial fibrillation is extremely important.
Atrial fibrillation is treatable.

Cardiac arrhythmias, which are the result of heart disease and represent the risk of a stroke for patients, can be traced and treated with the assistance of catheter-based therapies.
During the ablation of atrial fibrillation, the cardiac muscle regions which are responsible for the cardiac arrhythmias, are cauterised with high-frequency current.
Our experienced doctors can hereby refer to computer-aided 3D mapping systems, which project the heart and the catheter onto a screen during the treatment. This enables particularly exact advancement.

After the Treatment

96 telemetry ECG systems are available in the Department of Cardiology and Intensive Care Medicine. Therefore, 96 patients can be treated and monitored on the wards at any time. A long-term ECG is performed after three to six months, in order to determine if the treatment was successful.
The treatment of patients with the following diseases are further focal points in our department:

• Heart attack (calcification of the cardiac vessels)
• Arrhythmias (of the atria and the chambers)
• Heart (muscle) weakness (cardiac insufficiency)
• Heart (valve) defects
• High blood pressure
• As well as in the fields of internal medicine intensive care and implantation of cardiac pacemakers

As a result of many years of experience and co-operations with the known cardiac surgery clinics in the Paderborn region, highly-specialised experts work hand in hand.
Our Co-operations:

• The Heart and Diabetes Centre Bad Oeynhausen
• The University Hospital Göttingen
• The Heart Centre Bad Rothenfelde
• The University Hospitals  Marburg and Münster

The Department is now certified as Cardiac Arresr Center (CAC) and Heart Failure Unit (HFU).

Prof. Dr Andreas Goette: expert for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia

Prof. Dr Andreas Goette is an internationally respected expert in the treatment of atrial fibrillation and is the author of numerous scientific publications. He is the co-author or rather consultant of the European guidelines 2010 and 2012 with reference to the diagnostic and treatment of “atrial fibrillation”.
Since 2003 Prof. Dr Goette has been a member of the network of excellence “atrial fibrillation” (AF-Net). Within the scope of this network of excellence basic research, clinical studies as well as registers are conducted. In addition to his activity in the national AF-Net, he has been a member of the scientific network of the European Heart Rhythm Association. In 2013, the Medizinische Klinik II of the St Vincenz Krankenhaus became involved with the European Heart Rhythm Association in Athens. Prof. Dr Andreas Götte was Congress President of the European Congress. In 2016 he presented an international consensus document outlining the treatment of atrial cardiomyopathies. Different atrial disorders were defined and classified therein on the basis of which patients are able to receive a bespoke treatment with best possible treatment results. The recommendations established here are also put into practice at the Medizinische Klinik II.

A comment about unmet needs in atrial fibrillation

Late-Breaking Clinical Trials II: Innovation Boulevard

In the heart of Paderborn, in close proximity to the cathedral and the pedestrian precinct, the St Vincenz Krankenhaus has been renowned for more than 100 years for providing treatment to patients with a modern and Christian value led focus. The Sisters of Mercy from the order of St Vincenz de Paul are the sponsoring order of the hospital. The academic teaching hospital of the University of Göttingen has an excellent reputation with patients of the entire Paderborn region.
Founded in 1901, the St Vincenz Krankenhaus today has 382 beds in the specialist departments for General Medicine / Gastroenterology, Oncology and Nephrology, Vascular Surgery, Neurology, Cardiology / Internal Intensive Care Medicine, Orthopaedics / Trauma Surgery / Sports Traumatology, General and Abdominal Surgery. An Outpatient Surgery Centre as well as an accredited Intestine Centre,  Endoprosthetic Centre, MS-Centre and the Stroke Unit, for patients who have suffered a stroke, are attached to the clinics. Additionally Radiology and Anaesthesiology complete the spectrum. In St Vincenz Krankenhaus, we treat approximately 23,000 inpatients per year.

For further questions: Tel.: 05251 - 86 1666 or

Mail cardiology(at)vincenz.de
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We want you to feel comfortable during your stay with us.  Therefore our patients’ rooms have been decorated in friendly colours and we have ensured that the rooms are furnished tastefully. Most of our modern two and three bed rooms have en suite bathrooms and toilets. Each room is, of course, equipped with a TV and a radio. Breakfast is served between 07:45 and 08:30 hrs. During weekdays, it is also possible for our guests to order a cooked English breakfast. Lunch will be brought to your room at approx.12:00 hrs. You can choose between three cooked meals every day. In the afternoons at approximately 13:30 – 14:00 hrs our staff will bring you coffee or tea and a snack of cake or biscuits. The evening meal is served at about 18:00 hrs.


The new private patients’ ward in St Vincenz Krankenhaus also provides our patients with additional comfort. The generous rooms are air-conditioned and have sophisticated furnishings i.e. a laptop safe, a small refrigerator, a balcony and most rooms have a desk and a modern armchair for visitors. The fresh colour scheme compliments the quality flooring, which in turn emphasises the special character of these rooms. The wet rooms are also particularly beautifully furnished. High quality flooring tiles and fittings are standard, the showers are barrier free and each bathroom has a hairdryer and a makeup/shaving mirror.
In addition the team on the optional services ward consists of a large number of trained hotel professionals who ensure our patients’ individual needs are catered for.

Air-conditioned single rooms in two categories with quality furnishings and extra comfort are available:
• Single room accommodation with a refrigerator
• A modern armchair, a safe and a desk
• Generous, modern bathroom with high quality furnishings
• Provision of telephone, TV and radio as well as internet access (basic charge included in room fee)
• Extended menu options
• Bathrobe, daily newspaper (German language), magazines, wash set, clean hand and bath towels on a daily basis, fresh bed linen is changed every two days or when required
• Trained hotel professionals and other staff will tend to your individual catering requirements
Relatives can stay at the Hotel Aspethera, Am Busdorf 7, 33098 Paderborn. This is a 3-star hotel located diagonally opposite St Vincenz Krankenhaus. It has 57 tastefully furnished modern double rooms with air conditioning and a cosy bar. In addition the hotel offers a stylish restaurant and a sun terrace.
For more information please visit www.hotel-aspethera.de

For further questions: Tel.: 05251 - 86 1666 or

Mail cardiology(at)vincenz.de
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Since the 1990s, the St Vincenz Krankenhaus has been looking after patients based in Paderborn while serving with the British Armed Forces in Germany. St Vincenz Krankenhaus has therefore been a bilingual hospital for more than 20 years. Due to this fact there is a Patient Support Office (PSO) where British soldiers and their relatives can find help and support during their hospital stay. The hospital’s signposting is also bilingual in most parts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 05251 86-1666. Here you will be given more information regarding the medical care provided by the Cardiology Department of the St Vincenz Krankenhaus. You will be given comprehensive information during consultations prior to your treatment including prospects of success and possible risks.

Latest news

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